Our Team


Owner | Fairy Godmother | GM

     Gwen runs the show and is there every step of the way to make sure everything is a success. She plans the fun, brings the games, makes sure there are plenty of prizes for all of the kids to enjoy and so much more!

Business owner, general manager and boss mom. We love you, Gwen!


Marketing Director

       Aside from creating our website, logo and marketing materials Flo is also an assistant to Gwen, aiding in casting, quality control and training.

For more information on her design services you can visit:



Cast/ Creative Director

      With a background in dance and theater, Jaimi is passionate about performing. She is great with children because of her fun and charismatic energy and loves science and fitness. Jaimi is also a long time animal rights activist, believing that no voice should be left unheard.



      Sky enjoys playing basketball and competing with her team. She is also a born performer with a love of theater and you can find her in many productions with Pro Comm Theatre and Stage West Playhouse. Her favorite character is Cinderella because she is kind and humble.



     Cole is a seasoned character performer and also volunteers for local community organizations. He likes playing spider man the most because all of the kids love it!



     Having performed at several major theme parks and events across FL, Marissa is an experienced professional who loves the magic of character parties.  She likes to travel and believes in dreams coming true! 



     Samantha moved to Florida in 2019 to expand her creative career and be closer to family and friends. She is a designer as well, creating beautiful pieces of jewelry and her creative energy always brings a magical flare to the parties she attends.



     Michael  has been performing for 10 years and has experience in dinner theater. His skill set includes but is not limited to dancing and character impersonations. 



     With 10 years of experience under her belt, Aurora loves children and everything D*sney. Her favorite princess is Rapunzel, because of her outgoing and courageous personality.